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LivLiv Gold completed her foundational massage training at Cortiva Institute in Watertown and went on to study orthopedic massage therapy with Tom Karis, LMT. She has treated clients with a range of injuries and conditions. She loves that massage therapy requires a combination of analytical problem solving skills and manual dexterity, and she is endlessly fascinated by the body’s capacity for change.

She is pleased to offer comprehensive self-care plans to each of her clients. As an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified soma system® Teacher, she believes that movement therapy is a crucial component to every person’s health.

Liv also consults for leaders in the health and wellness industry, including the American Massage Therapy Association’s Massachusetts Chapter. She holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Vassar College.

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Hurts so good!

For my clients who don't mind a little intensity, I heartily recommend the RAD Roller. I use it to keep my upper back and shoulders tuned up. It also works pretty well on quads and tight forearms.

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