Coordinated Care

If you have more than one health care provider treating you for the same condition or injury, then consider connecting them. I’ve found it tremendously useful to align treatment goals with clients’ physical therapists, primary care physicians, chiropractors, etc. We can better support you when we’re all on the same page. That said, information you share with me is confidential, and I will never disclose details about you without discussing it with you and obtaining permission in writing.

If you would like me to communicate with another health care provider, please download and complete the Authorization to Release Medical Information form.

Once you have completed the form, I will contact your provider.

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Hurts so good!

For my clients who don't mind a little intensity, I heartily recommend the RAD Roller. I use it to keep my upper back and shoulders tuned up. It also works pretty well on quads and tight forearms.

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