Services & Rates

30 min.Orthopedic Massage (spot treatment)$50.00
60 min.Orthopedic Massage$80.00
90 min.Orthopedic Massage$110.00
120 min.Combo Session**$160.00

**The popular 120 minute combo session includes 60 minutes of massage and 60 minutes of private instruction about how to use self-bodywork tools and yoga postures to support your treatment at home between visits.

The number of sessions you may require can vary widely. If you are using massage for stress relief, you may want to make appointments as often as once a week. For acute injuries or chronic pain, the number of treatments will depend on the nature of your condition. Package discounts are available; email me for details.

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Hurts so good!

For my clients who don't mind a little intensity, I heartily recommend the RAD Roller. I use it to keep my upper back and shoulders tuned up. It also works pretty well on quads and tight forearms.

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